Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sensitive Skin and Waxing

A question was left for me the other day so here's the question and my answer.

Question: "What do you do for women with super sensitive skin? I have tried all different kinds of waxing options and they all leave me with what look like burns on my eyelids. Yeah, it's a pretty good look for a few days. Generally it looks like my skin gets pulled off/burned/something terrible, where the wax is applied. Any tips?Thank you!"

What I like to ask my clients before waxing is "what kind of skin care products are you using?" I ask because depending on what my client uses could give her a result similar to yours where your skin is taken off. It's known as "lifted" skin, but the result is red skin for days, scabs over at times, burns after waxing. It can be caused if wax is too hot and you're burned. Also it can occur if you're using skin care products that are thinning your skin like a retinol, alpha hydroxy, acne treatments, recently sun-burned skin, taking acne medication. I can usually tell if a client is using any of these products but not always, so when in doubt I ask what they use on their face. If you do use any of the above mentioned products, avoid applying the products near the eye area and above the brows for a week. (Or any other area of your face that you get waxed.) That'll prevent any skin problems from waxing.

Maybe you don't use anything on your face at all and you truly have sensitive skin. Don't get waxed, bottom line. Have your specialist tweeze you very thoroughly. I offer that with the clients of mine whose skin cannot be waxed.

If this does happen to you, use neosporin to treat it, it's just like any other skin abrasion. It'll take a few days to heal up, maybe a week if it's really bad.

I advise you to disclose any information to whomever is waxing you before hand. Your aesthetician will always perform better when she has all information pertinent to your service.

Thanks Hillary for the great question! If I haven't answered your question fully, let me know.

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Lindsay Rector


  1. Love all these great tips, Linds! You always have such great advice - I'm so glad you're sharing it!

  2. Thank you for the answer! I do use ProActiv, so maybe that's the culprit. Since it has happened a couple times, I haven't tried again. Perhaps I'll ask for the tweezing on my eyebrows next time I go in for my bikini wax!
    Thanks, again -

  3. I am so happy to find this blog. I might be able to afford a wax again! Do you use hard wax or soft wax on the brazilian?

  4. I have never waxed, but after reading I am thinking this is a great idea! However, I have a few questions...
    How long does your hair have to be to be waxed the first time? What length does it have to grow before you can get waxed again? About how often do women come in to be waxed? What is the difference between hard and soft wax? Which do you use?

  5. People with sensitive skin tends to have allergy reactions due to waxing. Make sure the wax doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that you’re allergic to. Some women used Calamine lotion to soothe an irritated skin. For women who wants to wax their eye brows, You can use tea bags brewed and then cooled placed on the eyes which definitely helps. I would also advice women suffering from wrinkles to use organic eye creams since it effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles.