Happy Clients

If you're still unsure about seeing me, read what others thought of my work.

"I was a client of Lindsay’s when she worked at a swanky salon a few years back. I was so happy to hear she was starting up her own business because I had never found anyone who did my brows as well as she did. She just has an eye for it. I drive 30 minutes to get my waxing done by her. She’s that good!" - K.

"As a man, I've always been uncomfortable going into the salon to have my back waxed. Lindsay was very professional during the removal process and then gave great advice to treat my sensitive skin afterwards---I have never received that at any other high-end salon. I will definitely continue to go to Lindsay." Brian

"I had always wanted to get a Bikini Wax but was too chicken to do it because I was afraid of unnecessary awful pain. I got my courage up, went to Lindsay, and realized my fears were in vain! She did a great job, first giving me a Basic Bikini Wax and then "moving up" to a Brazilian Wax, as well! I am now a regular who is really pleased with her procedure AND results." - J

"Lindsay is professional from start to finish! She made me feel comfortable as well as my 12 year old daughter. I have been to others but they do not compare."

"Lindsay provides waxing services that I love. My brows are sculpted to a gorgeous shape. I always feel comfortable and leave feeling younger and more beautiful." -Rosie

"I love that Lindsay is honest about my waxing needs and tells me if I've over-tweezed my brows. She lets me know if my mustache needs attention. Someone's got to keep me glamorous!" -Jill

"Lindsay is a professional with an eye for perfection. She takes her time to make sure the customer is happy, and that's why I am a repeat customer." -Kim

"I switched to Lindsay because she is half the price of upscale salons, and does a better job. She helped me look better in my swimsuit!" -S