Thursday, July 9, 2009

Under Eyes Too Light...

Regarding my last entry about getting brighter eyes, I had a comment about a woman whose under eyes are too light.

Essentially, she doesn't need the concealer...or does she?  

My answer to that is yes, you still should use the concealer of sorts to blend both skin tones.  
While you do want bright eyes, you don't want to look like you've been tanning with goggles on. So my recommendation is to get a concealer that is a darker tone.  If you get the color of concealer that is your face, not your under eye, then that should be perfect.  That will create a natural blend of skin tone from under your eyes to the rest of your gorgeous face.

What other questions do you have for me?  I am licensed as a Skin Care Specialist a.k.a Aesthetician.  That means I know about skin care regimes, scarring, acne, moisturizers, makeup, basically anything that deals with your face!

The Wax Doll, 


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