Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax

"How long does your hair have to be to be waxed the first time? What length does it have to grow before you can get waxed again? About how often do women come in to be waxed? What is the difference between hard and soft wax? Which do you use?"

Hi Mandy-

Thanks for the question.  Hair growth needs to be 1/4" or about 10 days, 7 days if your hair grows quickly.  If eyebrows are getting waxed I recommend 2-3 weeks in between appts. Brazilian time is about 4-5 weeks before you return.  

Hard Wax:  In theory, the purpose of hard wax is adhere to the course hair in the bikini area, not the skin and the hair as soft wax does.  The result leaves your skin less irritated and a more thorough waxing. 

Soft Wax: Serves for finer hair, facial hair and can also serve for coarse hair, but primarily used for eyebrows, upper lip and face.  

My preference is Soft Wax.  But if you just read the differences is seems like Hard Wax is the way to go.  In theory yes, but in actuality no.

Soft wax is much faster to use if you know what you're doing, which I do.  Skin gets irritated regardless since it's getting ripped out at the root.  Hard wax has to harden once it's applied to the skin, it takes longer to do a brazilian.

Years of experience tells me that clients want this service done AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!  So, that's exactly what I do. All of this is my opinion though.  Both waxes serve their purpose; remove hair.

The Wax Doll


  1. Speaking of "Silly Questions"...I have always wanted a Brazilian Wax and my husband is begging me to get one for our anniversery. I am hesitant because I know that when my husband's beard grows out it gives me razor burn. So, I guess my question is does a Brazilian Wax cause razor burn for your partner in their private areas as it grows out? Sorry for the personal question!

  2. How do i go about waxing mt genital areas with hard wax?

  3. Hi Lindsay! I've just started out in the beauty industry and would like to know how long it takes you to do an eyebrow wax? You have alot of good feedback on how well you shape and wax eyebrows and so was just wondering how much time you put into an eyebrow wax? Cheers!

  4. can you please come out to california! like bay area! we need a waxer like you!


  5. What brand of soft wax is best brazilians? I like the azulene but want something better than Gigi. Can you please recomend a good soft wax for comfort and ease in performing brazilian waxing.
    Laura CA Licensed Est.

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  6. Hi, I'm 18 and I've never gotten my face completely waxed before. I want to wax my sideburns because they are becoming dangerously close to being past my mouth (yikes). My mom really does not want me to do it because it "doesn't look bad" in her opinion but its awful in mine. I have really sensitive skin and i break out when I use soft wax on my face when getting my eyebrows and upper lip done. I've used hard wax for my eyebrows before and I haven't broken out. I guess my question is, is it okay to use hard wax on your face?

    1. Hi, don't you love it when your mom says it "doesn't look bad?" I always want to respond then, "So you admit it doesn't look good!" Ha, Moms are the best!

      You can use the Hard Wax but facial hair on woman is generally very fine. Hard Wax is meant for coarse hair. This is my recommendation. First, try the Hard Wax see if you like it. If you don't receive the desired results, then shave.

      It's a little secret of mine that I do instead of waxing for my own face. No, it won't grow back thicker or blacker. If you really hate the burns, do whatever you can to rid yourself of them. To shave, just use your facial cleanser in the shower or sink and a clean razor. You can shave your entire face and neck like I do or just the areas you want hair removed. It is an excellent was to exfoliate your shave.

      Good luck, please let me know what you do.

      Lindsay, The Waxdoll :)