Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Question...

I'm replying to an anonymous comment from the "Hard Wax vs Soft Wax" post.  

"Speaking of "Silly Questions"...I have always wanted a Brazilian Wax and my husband is begging me to get one for our anniversery. I am hesitant because I know that when my husband's beard grows out it gives me razor burn. So, I guess my question is does a Brazilian Wax cause razor burn for your partner in their private areas as it grows out? Sorry for the personal question!"

No, it won't.  If you shaved the area possibly, but not if you've waxed.  Here's why, when you shave, every hair has been cut off at the same level and it grows in with a blunt feeling, or prickly.  Waxed hair grows in less and not as blunt. Therefore, it can't create the friction or irritation that shaved hair can cause.  

Be brave, go Brazilian!! (You won't regret it!!)

The Wax Doll

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