Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax on your Face

A terrific question that needed to be an official post.
From Anonymous:

Hi Lindsay,
Hi, I'm 18 and I've never gotten my face completely waxed before. I want to wax my sideburns because they are becoming dangerously close to being past my mouth (yikes). My mom really does not want me to do it because it "doesn't look bad" in her opinion but its awful in mine. I have really sensitive skin and i break out when I use soft wax on my face when getting my eyebrows and upper lip done. I've used hard wax for my eyebrows before and I haven't broken out. I guess my question is, is it okay to use hard wax on your face?
  1. Hi Anny,

    Don't you love it when your mom says it "doesn't look bad?" I always want to respond then, "So you admit it doesn't look good!" Ha, Moms are the best!

    You can use the Hard Wax but facial hair on woman is generally very fine. Hard Wax is meant for coarse hair.

    My recommendation, first try the Hard Wax see if you like it. If you don't receive the desired results, then shave.

    It's a little secret of mine that I do instead of waxing for my own face. No, it won't grow back thicker or blacker. If you really hate the burns, do whatever you can to rid yourself of them.

    To shave, use facial cleanser instead of shaving gel in the shower or sink and a clean razor. You can shave your entire face and neck like I do or just the areas you want hair removed. (By the way, it is an excellent way to exfoliate your face.)

    Cleanse your skin again after you finished shaving and apply your facial lotion or cream depending on which you use.

    Good luck, please let me know what you do.

    Lindsay, The Waxdoll :)


  1. Ok that's insane . Shaving your face is a horrible idea. Think about it . When the hair comes back itl be stubbly like your legs and who wants that on their face? Also if you're prone to ingrown hairs this will be a nightmare for you as shaving is the number one cause of ingrown hairs. Don't listen to this crap

  2. Touchy, touchy...well, this comment is bold for someone signing in as "Anonymous." I'm choosing to let this comment remain as is it written by someone with a great amount of ignorance... on her part.