Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasions

So, I don't know how to put my date is August 11, 2011

I have finally found someone that I will see again and again for skincare treatments.  I received a chemical peel and my face actually sluffed and peeled!  That rarely happens for me.  The result was awesome.  My pores were clean and small again.  Not a blackhead anywhere!  I was so thrilled.  I exfoliate and follow a strict skincare regimen at home, but this chem peel took my face to all whole new level.

I plan on seeing my gal ever 5 to 6 weeks.  My philosophy is care for my skin today....hopefully it'll care for me when I'm older....

....MALLORY the miracle worker.  She's in Mesa, Az.  Message/text me for her contact information.

Oh yeah, she charges $30 - $45 a treatment....STEAL


  1. I was going to give you a hard time for not coming to me :) BUT you cant beat her I wont give ya a hard time :) But I would make ya peel :)

  2. total steal. give me her digits. i'm seeing a dermo right now and putting a topical called differin on. do you think i should not add a facial? too many different chemicals? or will the facial boost what the other is doing?

  3. I love Mallory!! We have been friends since elementry school. she is great.

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  5. Hey Mer, I don't doubt that you would make me peel. My pockets aren't what they use to be ;)