Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Soft Wax is Satin Smooth

Hi Laura from CA-

I received your question under "Hard wax vs Soft wax" regarding what type of wax I recommend. I've used many brands of soft wax including the one you mentioned. That said, my preference is Satin Smooth brand. I buy it from Cosmoprof and Sally's Beauty Supply. I use the Honey and Vitamin E formula. All Satin Smooth waxes are ANTIBACTERIAL. I really like how it spreads and its consistency. Its thorough enough from the finest hair types to the coursest types. Rarely do I need to re-wax an area and even more rare is having a client react to the wax.

I also spray lavendar water on the waxed area and it soothes the skin immediately. The lavendar water is a couple drops of lavendar essential oil with a couple ounces of water. I don't use any types of lotions on the skin after being waxed. My experience shows more clients break out from the 'after treatments' of the waxing service than the actual wax itself.

Hope this helps!

The Wax Doll

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