Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi - I'm taking appointments again. This is how it works, I send a text a few days before I'll be waxing with the time I'll be starting. This happens every 4 - 5 weeks. You respond if you want to come in. If you want to be strictly a BROW CLIENT - you're price will be $20. If you're doing the BRAZILIANS or BIKINIS, adding brows to the appointment will only be $10.

All Appts. are booked in 10-15 min slots. It never takes longer then 15 minutes to complete a full brazilian. NEVER.

Brazilian - $30 (add BROWS for $10 more)

Bikini - $20 (add BROWS for $10 more)

Brow Shaping - $20 (with lip +$3)

I do not accept gratuity. (But that's nice you'd offer)

Cash only

I'll be waxing again in Mid-October. You can email back with your contact information or call/text at 480-228-2659

Thank you,



  1. send me your brow only people..i will send you my brazilian people! I love brows!

  2. You got it chica!! I like doing brows, but my bread and butter is in the brazilians. Can't wait to see you Friday!!