Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is a Brazilian?

Hi Readers - I got a great email today with a personal question.  I have the woman's permission to post the question but I'm leaving her identity anonymous.

"I have never got a bikini wax, nor Brazilian, before. I always, always wear shorts while swimming so it hasn't been an issue. Plus, the idea of another person having to wax my bikini line is embarrassing to me! :) I know this is a common thought among women who are new to the waxing idea. What are your thoughts? As the aesthitician: Do we need to be worried about grossing you out? Do you want us to trim quite a bit before we get the procedure done? Is it better for us to do it ourselves in the privacy of your own home (which I am too afraid to do)? Am I totally crazy for thinking this? :)"

I appreciate this email in many ways.  For myself, I am so oriented with waxing that I often make the mistake that others are as well. 

  • Bikini wax: anything hanging out of your underwear line is waxed and a bit more if you want.
  • Brazilian wax: anything hanging out at all is waxed.  It is very thorough and the best way to go!!!  
  • I am not grossed out by waxing your down under, not in the slightest.
  • Please do not trim for me. That often results in more work for me then if you had just come to me "au naturale"
Please know there isn't anything I haven't seen and I'm not bothered by any of it.  If you think you've got too much going on there, you don't.  All clients that have seen me for this service were nervous at first.  I make a point for you to feel comfortable with me, to be fast (it takes 20 min or less start to finish), and for you to feel as little as pain as possible.  

First timers, yes, it will hurt, but the pain doesn't resonate.  Second timers, so much easier that the second timers become regulars because they're so happy with the result of so little hair growth.

My guarantee: Come get your brazilian, if I don't deliver everything I've promised in this post, I won't charge you.

If you have more thoughts or comments leave them here, if they're too personal, email me at

Thanks for reading!

The Wax Doll

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