Monday, June 15, 2009

Ingrown Issues?

 An ingrown hair is caused by too many skin cells building up on the surface of our skin not allowing the hair underneath to grow through it.  The hair then curls back down into the skin causing an inflammed, red bump known as an ingrown hair.

My clients have found great success by using St. Ive's Apricot Scrub in the shower. Scrub area vigorously.  Then apply Oxy 10 zit cream on it once out of the shower.  Within a couple of days your ingrowns should be significantly reduced.  You can use the generics of both products, I do.  

Ask any questions for more tips and tricks

The Wax Doll


  1. A few days ago, I got outta the shower (after having shaved my bikini line), and applied Oxy 10 cream in order to reduce redness and shaving bumps, and I gotta say, it worked like a charm. I practically live in my swimsuit and rarely wear swim shorts so this little trick was a gift from the Gods. No more redness, no more iritation, no more bumps. Thank you Lindsay.

  2. WOW! your are an awesome waxer! and it doesnt even hurt a bit! Thanks linzz!

    -bella bo